Spotlight: Lutzen, 1632 @ Salute 2019

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John’s mates over at the Friends of General Haig wargames club put together a truly extravagant Pike & Shotte game for this year’s Salute; Lutzen 1632!

Lutzen was one of the decisive battles of the Thirty Years War, pitting the Swedish King, Gustavus Adolphus and his German allies against the forces of the Holy Roman Empire in an epic struggle for control that would claim thousands of lives in a very short period.


The Friends of General Haig amassed over 1,000 28mm figures for this epic undertaking, combining products from 10 manufacturers to recreate the huge clash of 17th-century armies!

Lutzen 1632 order of battle

We’ll have a more in-depth look at this fantastic setup in the coming weeks. To tide you over until then, here are some of our pictures from Salute!

The Thirty Years War

Looking to start a similarly mammoth project for a gaming convention or club event? Our Pike & Shotte starter Battalia is a fantastic place to begin!

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