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Free Plastic Kit with System Starter Sets!

A New Year often brings the need for us all to try something new, and what better than to start a new system!

So why not start your year off with a new game easily done with these Starter Deals – Just grab a rule book or army set from the list below and get a single free, yes FREE, plastic box set from that system. All you need do is go to the store and select your Rule book, you’ll then get a drop down menu from which you can select a single plastic infantry set to add for FREE! It’s as simple as that!

For example, if you’ve been kind of thinking about starting that Imperial Roman legion, then there’s no more excuse! Get Hail Caesar and perhaps a box of Praetorian Guard for FREE!

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Or this could be the opportunity you’re looking for to delve into the English Civil War with Pike & Shotte.

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Maybe it’s Napoleonics you’re after or possibly the Anglo-Zulu War? Whatever your fancy this will give you the first regiment in your new army absolutely FREE!

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And we haven’t stopped there! We’re also offering you the chance to pick up an additional box of plastic miniatures ABSOLUTELY FREE when you purchase either D-Day Firefight, The Conquest of Gaul, or For King and Country.


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D-Day Firefight is the ideal way to begin your battle field career in Bolt Action!

Containing two opposing forces, D-Day Firefight includes all the Bolt Action rules as well as a scenario booklet guiding your through your first steps in the game. Before long you’ll be adding to your new army and wreaking havoc on your foes!

D-Day Firefight contains:

  • Bolt Action mini rulebook
  • Scenario booklet
  • 1 modular plastic ruined farmhouse
  • 10 plastic multi-pose 28mm German infantry
  • 1 plastic 1:56 scale Sd.Kfz 251/1D Hanomag half-track
  • 20 plastic multi-pose 28mm US Army troops
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 60 Pin Markers
  • 2 Rulers
  • 10 six-sided dice
  • 10 Bolt Action Orders Dice

Find our more about Bolt Action at where you will be introduced to playing exciting wargames using the hugely popular Bolt Action rules set amidst the backdrop of the Second World War.

Buy D-Day Firefight and get your choice of either a Panzer IV or M4 Sherman plastic set for FREE


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If the battlefields of the Second World War don’t appeal to you then how about looking to the 17th Century with Pike & Shotte?

Pike & Shotte is a game of tabletop battles which has you pit your wits and tactics against your friends as armies clash in massed combat.

This starter set gives you the splendid Pike & Shotte rulebook and two starter forces – field them as Royalist or Parliamentarian in the English Civil Wars or as one of the many protagonists involved in the immense Thirty Years War.

This boxed game is only the beginning, as you battle all-comers and reinforce your army further in the pursuit of glory…

Pike & Shotte – For King & Country contains:

  • Full-colour 208-page hardback Pike & Shotte rulebook
  • 82 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:

These are:

  • 58 pike and musket including command
  • 12 Cavalry
  • 12 infantry with Firelocks


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Hail Caesar – Conquest of Gaul gives you the rules and two starter armies. Perfect for getting stuck into Hail Caesar with your mates.

The Conquest of Gaul starter set gives you two starter forces – the barbaric Celts and the legions of Imperial Rome – and the glorious Hail Caesar rulebook.
This boxed game is just the start of your journey to conquer all comers and write your name in the annals of history!

Conquest of Gaul contains;

  • Full-colour 1962 oage Hardback ‘Hail Caesar’ Rulebook
  • 94 Multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures;

These are:

  • 30 Imperial Roman Legionaries
  • Roman Scorpion catapult with crew
  • 60 Celt Warriors


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No more excuses – time to treat yourself to a new game system TODAY!