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Focus: Defenders of the beach, D-Day 1944

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As we reach D -10, and the Day of Days approaches, the defenders of the Atlantik Wall rest in their preparations unsuspecting of what’s to come in mere days!


We’ve an outstanding collection to chose from when it comes to the Invasion Europe in Bolt Action and some great deals to help you chose your force, whether invading or Defending we have it covered! The D-Day Defenders is a brilliant example allowing you to field extensive defenses that can be added too or used as is in many scenarios such as a D-Day Bunker Assault:

The D-Day Defenders deal contains the following:

  • 3 x WW Europe Machine Gun Bunker
  • 1 x Anti-Tank Obstacles plastic boxed set
  • 1 x German Grenadiers plastic boxed set
  • 1 x German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45)
  • 1 x German Officer (binocs) FREE!
  • 1 x German Heer MG42 HMG Team (1943-45) FREE!

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Atlantik Wall – Man the defences!


The Germans’ first line of defence was the English Channel, guarded by the extensive Atlantic Wall, which Adolf Hitler ordered to be constructed in his Directive 51. The “wall” stretched from Norway to Spain in varying degrees, but was most elaborate in the sectors facing the English channel. Rommel had the wall fortified with pill boxes, artillery, machine gun positions and extensive barbed wire as well as laying hundreds of thousands of mines to deter landing craft.

This set (As seen here modeled by the Terrain Tutor) contains three bunkers with removable tops perfect for placing your troops inside.


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German Army Grenadier 1944-45


The complete and definitive reference works on the uniforms, equipment, weapons and insignia of the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) in world war two. This particular book features and explains all that is essential to know about the late war German infantryman, covering every aspect of the service uniforms and items issued in that particular period of conflict.

The book is written by a noted authority on the subject and is lavishly illustrated throughout with 15 full colour artwork plates specially painted by the author, Stephen Andrew. The superb colour artwork plates show combat figures in their various service uniforms; field grey models, summer, tropical, winter, camouflage uniforms, their personal equipment and uniform insignia which is all in unrivaled detail; with accompanying in depth text of when items were first issued and seen in the frontline. Also included are the important variations of manufacture and the colour information.

This book is a new and indispensable reference source of the frontline soldier for wargamers, military modellers, the ardent researcher and everyone with an interest in military history.

  • Large format ages 29cm X 22cm
  • 15 Superb full colour plates
  • 33 pages

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