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Focus: Blasted Winter Battlefield Theme Set

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This set is perfect for battlefield scenarios from the Bolt Action Campaign book Battle of the Bulge. You can prepare your battlefields using the blasted winter battlefield theme set and depict the depths of winter.

WGS-BFT-01 Blasted Battlefield Theme Set

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World War II is littered with tales of hardship and heroism as whole armies struggled against not only the enemy but the harsh, unforgiving cold of winter. The Battle of the Bulge, the Russo-Finnish Winter War and countless battles on the Eastern Front are all synonymous with snow, ice and suffering.


This great battlefield theming set allows to to recreate those shattered settings and add extra atmosphere to your games. The contents of this set are also ideal for basing your models as well as dioramas – for WWII and other periods of history.


The Blasted Winter Battlefield theming set contains enough material to cover
approximately a 2’ x 2’ board:


  • 4 resin shell scrapes/trenches (3″ x 4.5″ (7.5×11.5cm))
  • 10 resin shell burst-shattered tree stumps
  • 80g bag of snow
  • 20g bag of melting snow
  • 50g bag of forest ground cover
  • 1 winter tufts

WGS-BFT-01 Blasted Battlefield Theme Set

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Pro Grass Applicator

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Battle of the Bulge


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The latest Bolt Action supplement is full of new content, ranging from scenarios, rules and units! Re-create the historical and pivotal moment in history when the tide of the war truly swung in the balance!

Battlefield & Basing Snow

180ml Snow White Scatter (Tufts not included)- ideal for snow covered models and scenery. Just use PVA glue and your imagination to make your models stand out from your opponents. Snow White Scatter comes in Plastic Factory Sealed Tubs, which can stack neatly on top of each other, to keep your work bench clean and tidy.

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This complete set and the separate Snow pack is a great addition, and complements our growing range of Warlord Scenery and basing materials:


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