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Feature: TheTerrainTutor’s D-Day Board Project

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Mel, TheTerrainTutor, is on a mission – a life long wargamer with a passion for making terrain, he’s using YouTube to share his passion and to see better gaming boards! Meet Mel in person as he displays his finished, rather fantastic, new D-Day Beach table this Saturday (14th May) at WarGames in Southport

Terrain Tutor1


Mel’s worked on countless projects – from the dense jungle surroundings of the Big Burma Build, to sweeping green fields – and from sun-parched desert sands to snow-choked woodland – working with a combination of off-the-shelf terrain pieces and scratch-building techniques to create unique, mouth-watering tabletop battlefields…

His latest project, a mammoth D-Day themed board for Bolt Action, is coming to an end – he’s been eagerly sharing photos of the board in it’s current state (although – he’s quick to add that it’s not quite finished yet!)


We at the Warlord offices have been eagerly watching the board come to life, with jaws planted firmly on the floor, and regular breaks to mop-up drool puddles…


Above – A defender’s-eye-view from the Atlantik Wall bunkers…

Below – the three modular board sections can be re-arranged to include a bunker network atop the cliffs


Below – Just this morning, we got another update as more flocking and clump foliage are added!

TheTerrainTutor D-Day Board

…and he’s recording the whole process from start-to-finish in the form of video logs – offering hints, tips, and a whole heap of useful information for those interested in making their own board!

Check out the entire project from the start:

Did someone say ‘Scratch-building techniques’ ?

Mel is a true terrain addict – and his mission is to get more people building (and experimenting with) their own wargaming terrain. To that end, he creates regular tutorial videos, showing different methods and techniques to create terrain pieces – whether you’re looking to create realistic crystals, foamboard ruins, lava flows, cliff edges, your own basing materials, swamps, marshes, boggy ground – whatever! – Mel’s sure to have something helpful just waiting for you over on his channel – why not subscribe to ensure you’re kept up-to-date with his latest ventures?

Click the link below to see Mel’s channel…

Mel’s Channel