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Bolt Action Rules: General Erwin Rommel “The Desert Fox”

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Want some rules for using Erwin Rommel “The Desert Fox” then here you go… Lead your Bolt Action German army into France and the Western Desert, then on to the invasion beaches of Normandy 75 years on!

Born on 15 November 1891, Rommel joined the Imperial army at 18. In the First World War, he fought on several fronts and received the Iron Cross and other decorations. He remained with the army postwar, serving the Weimar Republic. Whilst portrayed by many as a ‘good German’ Rommel nevertheless flourished in the new Nazi-created Wehrmacht, even commanding Hitler’s personal army guard the Heer Begleit-Bataillon des Führers. This familiarity with the Fuhrer gave him certain advantages during the Second World War. He was Hitler’s ‘Favourite General’ and got away with acts of insubordination to his seniors that no other general would have been allowed.

It was during the battle of France in 1940 that his star truly rose when he commanded the 7th Panzer Division which he handled expertly and due to its rapid movement gained the nickname ‘The Ghost Division’ from its French adversaries. It was therefore only natural when Hitler was looking for a commander for the German forces in Africa that he chose Rommel.

Rommel and his staff during the battle of France.

Whilst considered a great general and tactician his impetuousness and inability to take advice was to cost him and his forces dear in the Western Desert. Another of his traits was a double-edged sword, that being his desire to lead from the front. On one side this allowed him to proactively direct a battle and but it also left him in danger of capture or worse.

Nevertheless, his name is the one most associated with the North African campaign and few are likely to forget the exploits of the ‘Desert Fox’.

Cost: 180pts (Veteran)
Team: 1 officer and up to 2 other men
Weapons: Submachine gun, pistol or rifle as depicted on the model
Options: Rommel may be accompanied by up to 2 men at a cost of +13pts per man
He may be transported by either:
SdKfz 250/3 Command Vehicle ‘Greif’ for an additional 100pts
Captured AEC 4×4 ‘Dorchester’ Armoured Command Vehicle for an additional 120 pts
Special Rules:
  • Rommel is a Major for morale bonuses and the ‘You men snap to action’ rule
  • Unser Rommel: In any scenario where he is present, Axis armoured vehicles may make a free Advance move before the start of any game where they are entering as part of a first wave

Rommel can replace the ‘0-1 Captain or Major’ option in the Afrika Korps Panzer Division Armoured Platoon, Afrika Korps Reinforced Infantry Platoon or Afrika Korps Anti-tank Reinforced Platoon selectors in the Campaign: Western Desert book or any of the following theatre selectors for standard scenarios: From Armies of Germany: 1941-42 Rommel Triumphant, 1942-43-Rommel’s Defeat.

Get started with the Afrika Korps and grab one of the fantastic Afrika Korps starter army boxes, and the brand new Western Desert book which comes with a free Rommel miniature!

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