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Deals: Specials from the Summer Campaigns

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We had a fantastic Summer Offensive where battles raged across the world between the Axis and Allies. As the bitter struggles continued on, we used a range of scenarios to challenge you all and introduced an equally wide range of deals for everyone to try – from armies to scenario specific scenery. Here’s a round up of some of the best bits on offer today, more of which can be checked out in the summer collection here:


Painting Guides

We’ve had a huge and positive response from all of you to our painting guides, taking you through step by step how to get great battlefield results first time round:


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500 point Armies

Some of our best selling starting points to enter Bolt Action are the 500 point armies, get them built up and into battle within a weekend:

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1500 point Armies

Our most recent addition to the armies have been the 1500 point collectors ranges, a perfect project for the long dark evenings ahead:

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Battlefield Terrain

You’ve painted your army now on to battle, and there’s nothing better than an authentic looking battlefield laid out on your living room table to inspire you to get those troops into combat! Here are a selection of the best battlefield starters of the summer:

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Of course there are far more choice options to peruse at your leisure and if you have any ideas of your own that you’d like to share with us for future deals let us know via our forum or contact us direct at