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Cruel Seas: Imperial Japanese Navy Paint Set

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This Imperial Japanese Navy Paint Set arms you with the palette to get your fleet tabletop ready. There’s also a painting guide!

Cruel Seas: Imperial Japanese Navy Paint Set

The paints included in the bundle, along with their general areas of application are:

  • Vallejo London Grey – hulls and decks
  • Vallejo Light Grey – superstructures
  • Army Painter Oak Brown – lifeboat interiors
  • Vallejo Off White – crew uniforms
  • Vallejo Military Green – IJA kamikaze boats
  • Army Painter Space Ship Exterior – large calibre gun barrels

Cruel Seas Imperial Japanese Navy paint set


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Painting Guides

Escort Type Hei Minesweeper

Cruel Seas IJN Hei Minesweeper Painting Guide

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