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    Slyde Klewlis

    So I thought we could add to this thread of Entries in the books of units which exist on paper in the books that you wish Warlord would produce.

    I will start.

    The Japanese, many units in the Armies of Imperial Japan selectors, and the Guadalcanal and New Guinea campaign book selectors.

    There are several units that keep getting listed over and over in the theatre selectors but are still not being made.

    Meanwhile while other game systems and models for those new systems are constantly coming out and being released.

    The Imperial Japanese were the other major Axis power that still continues to be woefully under represented in Warlords product line while Germany has gotten tons of attention and a New Armies of Book.

    Stuart Harrison

    Which Japanese units are you referring to? In many cases, different WW2 units looked no different to other units of the same army, so can be represented equally by the same boxed set of metals or kit-bashed from the same plastics.

    Slyde Klewlis


    for instance;

    Missing Unit #1

    IJA Infantry mounted on Bicycles

    Slyde Klewlis

    I do not want to pay for the extra added expense of kit bashing units; nor adapting in models from other ranges and manufacturers.

    I would prefer the majority to be Warlord Models in my collection.

    To my knowledge we may not post photos here on this forum of models from any company other than Warlord.

    Missing Unit #2 IJA Cavalry

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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