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    Ive been wanting to utlise some Scots Guard units, maybe a highlander platoon, but im finding it very unclear how to actually put them into a platoon

    The Italy: Soft underbelly says Guard  Infantry selectios (Mid/Late-war)

    “They are an Infantry choice for the following Theatre Selectors in the armies of great britian book: Tunisia, Monte Cassino, Normandy, Market garden and Into the Reich”

    But when i use platoon building tools like easy army, they are not a selectable choice

    Any guidence on this would be greatly appriciated

    Alan Hamilton

    I have not tried to use the tool you mention.  I suspect the reason actually is that the Scots Guards did not and do not have Highlander platoons.  The Highland Regiments were and are Line Regiments that nominally recruit locally.  The Scots Guards nominally recruit from the whole of Scotland – Lowlands, Highlands and Islands.

    If you want “Highlanders” I suggest that you choose one of the Highland Regiments.  If you want Guards then unfortunately none qualify as “highlanders” though the Scots Guards may have a piper!

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    Highland regiments only wore the kilt in the very early days of the second world war. After the evacuation of France there is little to distinguish Scottish Highland and Guards from other County Regiments.

    The tam o’shanter bonnet was also wore by many other Scottish regiments but this was rarely worn in combat. Each Scottish regiment, highland and lowland wore a distinguishing regimental badge. In the North Africa, Italy and France the Black Watch wore a tam’o shanter with a red hackle on the left of the bonnet with a regimental badge on a small patch of the regimental tartan. The other detail is the shoulder flash on the battle dress tunic.

    Generally, these details are so small as to not show on a 28mm figure.

    In summary; for BA games the Scottish and Scots Guards are dressed similar to other British troops. You could add a piper (Lord Lovat had Piper Milne with his commando unit when he led the advance on Pegasus Bridge on D-Day). But again not to be used in combat.


    Thanks for the info, really good stuff

    As far as building a platoon with the “guard” unit, how do i go about using them?

    Can they be a compulsary choice or are they an extra choice in the above platoon selectors?


    Just a quick point… Easy Army is a 3rd party tool – made and maintained by ONE guy… if you email him he’ll sort out any list issues.

    However to answer your question.. when a new unit is said to be added to an existing selector it should go in both the compulsary & optional squad choices unless stated otherwise (normally by saying 0-x can be added in YYYY selectors).

    The campiagn books are optional, additional rules so are there for you to tweek… for tournaments its up to the TO to allow /clarify anything like that.

    EDIT – @Ian however we are talking about 28mm models… so yeah put the soft cap on the models, and the kilts to make them look different and stand out… plus I’ve seen some pretty neat decals of bde /div flashs as even on 28mm models they are big enough to be seen.


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