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    John Mathews

    So what would you all like to see come out in the Future for Test of Honour?

    Me personally I’d like to see the development of rules for fantastical creatures of Myth and legend. For instance Dragons, Ki’Rin, Kapa, Oni and Tengu. I know there are other systems out there, but i really like the smooth flow of ToH.

    If you have home brewed rules for these creatures, or even scenarios, please share them here.

    My Dragon awaits.


    I think adding a mythical element would work nicely, as an optional expansion not in the core

    Danny B

    I’d love to see a mythical expansion too, even if it’s only a single box set. Something along the lines of the Wheelmonk from Ni-Oh, that would be awesome to paint and play against.


    In keeping with the theme of Test of Honour, moving toward a fantasy style game would detract from the historical element of the game.

    Having said that, looking at the Baby-cart series, there were instances of mysticism in the form of spirits that caused almost a strain style attack aimed at Will.

    In a very cool scenario, two battling forces have to take Tests of Will or suffer loss of activation tokens.


    I would like to see some famous figures such as Musashi come into the game.


    Oh yeah… Kensai.

    In the old Forum, there were ideas thrown about for the duelist style character.

    Another option would be The Seven Samurai – either the actual cinematic version (they did it for Kelly’s Heroes) or a loosely based theme box and campaign, for 7 unlikely champions defending humble farmers against a Brigand Captain/Lord.


    having now played a few more games:

    – a “V2.0” rulebook that is a single book, hard backed, similar to the bolt action one in size that collates all the current rules, adds more artwork, includes paint guides and some historical information for context. (even with nothing more than the FAQ and errata rolled in I’d buy it just to have it all in one place)

    – cards for weapons, e.g. Katana, including a pictures and the combat effects of such, just a nice easy to use reference – also stuff like the ranges and strength for ranged weapons

    – “four colour” cinematic additions as an optional expansion with movie star type characters able to run as individuals or with a few loyal sidekicks but with higher stats and better equipment as “legends”, would work nicely alongside the mystical stuff – pulp comics and B movie type stuff ramped up to 11

    – non-combatant civilians, to protect, to get in the way etc (farmers, fishermen etc)

    Gao Qiu

    Better, expansive Campaign rules.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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