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    Daniel Domurad


    I’m new to miniature games, and I really enjoy Black Seas. Lately the new SPQR starter set box got my attention. After quick googling around I discovered that this is the revised edition and that the previous one had some problems. Cool ! But, I have some question I couldn’t find the answer to.

    The box comes with 17 Romans models  and over 50 models for Gauls ! So I assume (I’m pretty sure) that this is not really a 2 player starter set ? What is the intent here ? Does the box just offer the revised rules and some “start collecting” minis ? Or is there maybe a campaign or a set of scenarios that the models could be used in ?

    On one side it looks like the 70 minis would be enough for a some variety, but on the other side 17 minis for Romans look like poor variety.

    Any though on this ?



    well on one hand you have Romans in heavy armour with large shields and good all round stats…. on the other you have unarmoured tribesmen…..


    Yes, it is a little silly. It buys into the legend of the Roman’s invincible military strength, propaganda put forth mostly by ancient Roman sources (!). They were good, but not that good. If they were as amazing as they advertised, it wouldn’t have taken them YEARS to conquer the Gallic and other provinces from a bunch of “barbarians”, and wouldn’t have lost entire legions as they did on occasion…

    Still, the set is just a starter,  so you can buy a few more and make some really interesting variants.


    Daniel Domurad

    Ok. I’ve decided I will invest my time in SPQR.

    I would like to have a 2 kinda-balanced armies for 2 players. Is the starter set balanced ? Or should I buy an extra Caesar’s Legions box ?

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