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    invisible officer

    I hoped that the WW I tanks would be the start of a big Great war range but until now……

    May be we can get Warlord to do more by showing our results.
    I start with showing my St. Chamond again. You are all invited to Show your stuff too.


    Nice tanks!


    Nice work as ever IO 😉

    Keith Stockburn

    Here’s some of my WW1 stuff





    Big Bertha

    More WW1 stuff on my blog http://theaircavsaga.blogspot.com/p/ww1.html

    invisible officer

    Very nice stuff but not Warlord 😉 . So it may be good that the pics dont show here.

    Well, “she” made me buy WW I stuff last weekend. Not Warlord too but nothing 28 mm anyway.

    Its an Austrian Dragoon officers helmet. Worn in the 1914 fights in Galizien. Totally idotic helmets. The iron skulls gave no protection and the high gilded brass comb was uncomfortable in a moder war.
    That example is even more crazy. The skull is made from Aluminium. Officers choose them for weight.
    The man was wounded in 14 and so the helmet ended the war service soon. Others got cloth covers or painted for camo. Worn for some time on.

    To hope to see KuK dragoons in the Warlord range may be foolish but…….

    But back to 28mm Topic. Please Show your Warlord WW I tank.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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