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    So, I ordered the new Gettysburg Epic Battles ACW battle mat for the second time now.

    The first time Warlord never shipped it after taking my money and after 6 weeks I cancelled the order.

    It was in stock.

    Then it went out out of stock, but became available again last week, so I ordered it as soon as I received the in stock email notice.

    Immediately, it was listed as “low supply” and now is out of stock again.

    I bet it will be another 6 week wait while they have my money and still have not shipped it.

    How difficult is it to stock and ship a battle mat?

    I wish “Cigar Box Battle Mats” would make a Gettysburg mat for rules and scales other than “Across a Deadly Field” so I don’t have to deal with Warlord Games directly.

    Miniatures Market stocks some Warlord Games products and I try to buy from them instead of directly from Warlord Games as they are faster, pack the contents better, and just over all more efficient.

    So is this mat so awesome they cannot keep it in stock?

    I have seen no reviews.


    Warlord dont make mats, they get them from another company (name escapes me at the moment)

    Eric A.

    I ordered Epic ACW from Warlord and had it within 10 days, I don’t remember the exact time frame however…


    Eric A.


    I actually received it and its seems ok, just not sure how Warlord Games and “Geek” are associating the mat with the new Epic ACW line, other than its Gettysburg.

    75% of the mat covers the area south of town and west of Emmitsburg Rd, leaving only 25% of the mat usable for only the NW quadrant of the first days battle aka the scenario included in the starter sets, minus the area North of Town. Thus, if you play the Gettysburg Day 1 scenario from the game book, its about an area of 2 feet by 3 feet at most.

    Does not have even close to the detail the Cigar Box Battle Mat for Gettysburg has.

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    VinUnleaded. Just wondering if you are not the UK and have been another victim of the UPS clowns?




    In USA, but UPS is ok, its the USPS that’s kind of scary lol@

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