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    Some may have missed this bit if information, as it was hidden in the whole game days newsletter,but WG provided some ‘tournament rules’

    There is a few amendments I it:
    -some plane costs
    -card restrictions
    -overlapping base special rule

    What do you think of those?


    They’re all just to allow a more balanced “Tournament” environment. Home Advantage and Numbers are designed for campaign \ scenario play and can be game breaking in points games.

    Plane costs are again much more important in tournaments, so these new cost are based on raw stats rather than any historic weighting.

    The last is just a mechanism to stop models balancing badly on each other….

    Theyre certainly optional for friendly games

    Mark Barker

    Thanks for posting this, I suggested to Andy that the moving aircraft should miss its pilot action and he seemed to like the idea – we have been using this in all our club games. It just prevents arguments and protects the painstaking paint jobs on your aircraft.

    I pinched the idea from X-Wing to be honest (another club favorite) but there is one difference – in X-Wing neither model can target the other while the bases remain touching.

    This is not the case here, the moving aircraft can’t fire but if the other aircraft then activates and your aircraft is in arc it can be shot at.

    This prevents the gamey tactic in X-Wing of deliberately aiming to end in contact with another model to protect yourself from being targetted by it.


    All of this makes sense to me (especially the cards restrictions), but as I’m not a tournament guy I didn’t really see how the base overlap could be an issue.
    Thanks for the clarification.


    It all looks good enough. I think the P-51 should be 42 points and they raised the Yak too much, it should be 25. The “experts” may have found other issues that got them to the current number. Based on my experience I would convert your point system to what they are doing at the tournament without delay.

    Numbers with the current wording is broken with P-51’s, so broken that you cannot hide behind historical arguments to justify it. All that needs to be done to fix Numbers is to restrict the extra two planes to Rookies.

    Home Advantage just needs ‘pilot test or remove’ text to bring it into line.

    I need to propose these changes on the FB page…

    Mark Barker

    Numbers is just too powerful to use in any points-based or equal forces game, understood from Andy a while back that revised card wording was planned.

    Home Advantage is the same because you just keep cycling through the deck to get it back and it can cancel several hits in the game and that is very unbalancing to the RAF.

    We play use it once and remove from the game, gives a much better feel and again I think Andy was happy with this use.

    Mark Barker

    Mark Barker

    I don’t do tournaments either, we found a definite need to address the overlap case in our club/friendly games when you have 12 aircraft on the board and it is getting up close and personal.

    Remember that an aircraft must move at least half movement (rounded up) when activated. If an aircraft does not have advantage to burn or helpful cards available then it has no option but to move forward, and if there is another aircraft sitting between 4″ and 7″ ahead then the moving aircraft has no legal move available.

    This rule covers the situation nicely, the pilot is too busy avoiding a collision in the congested skies to concentrate on anything else.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Barker

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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