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    This card is used in the butcher Birds scenario.
    Where can I find it ?
    I suspect it to be part of the USAF card pack. Can anyone confirm ?

    Cat Shot One

    Oh, that’s frustrating. I thought I had everything I needed to play Luftwaffe and RAF (or RCAF for that matter).
    Indeed, it looks like it’s in the USAAF expansion pack. Second theatre card on the promotion picture reads “Ba…”.


    Just replace it with something else – or proxy it – the effect is that if an enemy plane must pass a M test you cam play this card to reduce his dice by 1 – it’s a discard.

    I don’t think the intent is to put people off from playing the scenarios by including “chase” cards, it’s just when they get written the author (Tom) has access to everything so picks the most appropriate

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    Cat Shot One

    I see. I suppose it is helpful to assume that many people aren’t collecting the forces of all belligerents and thus haven’t access to all game material.

    Concerning the same cenario, Koin-Koin also placed another question in the “D-Day Campaign” part of this forum:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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