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    had a bit of an argument last game session, german player had a panzerschrek team that moved up and took a shot at a Sherman tank. American player said cant do that because its a team weapon and needed to set up before firing, german player said it doesn’t need to set up and could move and fire (with the normal to hit modifiers). So out came the rule books and a half hour later when no-one could find anything about it, it was allowed (much to the American players displeasure as he lost the tank). So can infantry at weapons (bazooka, panzerfaust, panzerschrek and maybe the piat) move and fire?


    No rulebook to hand, but to the best of my knowledge – yes, they can move and fire.
    At least I’ve always played that way with my bazookas and no one has questioned it, but that may be more to do with them never hitting anything.

    Vincent tume

    Hi Greg. Don’t know about the rules but I’ve always used bazooka-type weapons in ambush. Loading and firing was a finicky business so I’d side with the ‘if you move you can’t fire’ team. The interesting exception to this is the Panzerfaust which was fired by individual soldiers so, for example, it could be prepared while moving to position. I don’t know about the PIAT. My understanding is that it was more like a cross between the panzerfaust and a rifle-grenade launcher (so it could be operated by an individual soldier – likely with some difficulty)

    Stuart Harrison

    The rule that prevents moving and firing is “fixed”, not “team”/”team weapon”.

    Some team weapons have fixed (ie: MMG, medium mortars, artillery), some don’t (ie: bazooka, most light mortars)

    Your US player was incorrect.

    P66 for fixed, p73 for team.

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