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    Hi all,

    Saw this game up yesterday at Crisis in Antwerpen and am very interested in playing the Russians.
    Now, I ‘d like to think I am a reasonably experienced wargamer and I do have a lot of X-wing experience.

    So… Would you think that Russians are doable for someone entering this game?
    If so; what would you recommend as initial purchases?

    Any other tips?

    thanks a bunch in advance.


    You probably need the starter box just for the rules and counters – and the 109s are a good match for the Yaks. You then need the Yak box. There are several new Russian planes due for release in the New Year.

    Only 1 issue is the Yak card has the wrong points cost – it should be 28 points


    The yak have no difficulty to be played. They are cheap which allow to play higher level pilots.

    But I have one warning for you: don’t try to compare BRS to x-wing. The philosophy is really different and every x-wing player I know who try to apprehend BRS like x-wing ended pretty disappointed.

    So just come to the game with an open mind. There’s plenty of thing to like about this game so don’t miss it 😉


    Yak should cost 28?
    I have no idea what it costs now.
    Why do you feel it is costed incorrectly?
    (and is it not unbalancing the game; are you suggesting another nation would be ‘better’?)

    re; coming from X-wing. I do no think said game translates exceptionally well o BRS.
    But I do think spatial awareness and tactics will help.
    (I hope so anyway 😉 )


    The Yaks are costed at 19 points on their data cards – this is a print error and is getting errata’d at some time. It only impacts points games not historical scenarios. The difference in play is not that massive even in points – basically you get an extra rookie Yak if you play with the “wrong” points


    Thanks for the ansers. Much appreciated.
    A few more questions now though:

    Regardless of the 19 or 28 pt-cost; one box of Soviet Yak1 Squadron is enough to get started, no?

    Is the addition of an ace like Lydia Litvya something worth adding in a starting purchase?


    You will need the Starter set to get manuals, counters, ruler, etc. And of course you will get a squadron of Spitfires and another of ME109s. Then pick up a squadron of Yaks, and you can play Russians against Germans on the Eastern front.


    Lydia is a good option, I certainly take her when i can. Her Killer Instinct skill plus her bonus FP meqns she can really hurt. Her other skill is more situational but you can sometimes get use out of it

    Mark Barker

    I understand the newer version of X-Wing puts a higher premium on getting into a good position rather than sitting in the middle of the board and playing lots of whizzo equipment cards. The X-Wing players in our group have all enjoyed BRS – the key is you need to think ahead as to where you want to be in a turn or two’s time, not just now…

    … and having played the Germans against the Russians I can vouch for the effectivess of the Russian ace cards. In our game Galland was cought cold without his own cool cards having come round in the deck yet and was shot down by Turn 3 !

    Spent the rest of the game having to play very conservatively and just managed to pull out a win with the assistance of some unfortunate dice from my opponent (11 dice to make a dodge or the squadron breaks – not an Ace in the whole lot…).

    Never know I spoke Russian that well, I could understand every swear word !

    Mark Barker

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