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    peter jones


    in recent napoelonic game, the battle of Hanau.A unit ov Bavarian LI in skirmish ordwe was charged by some French LC. Could they form square. We read the rules and could se no reason why, there was tak of “clumps’ they passed the dice score and formed square. .They were later destrored by artillery. But the french on later conceding defeat felt it was a crucial decision and the dabate continues
    So can skirmishers for square


    In Napoleonics… any infantry unit that is bigger than Tiny CAN form square.

    If you use the Clash of Eagles supplement its an Order checkwith modifiers so isnt alway automatic.
    Tiny units cant form any formation other than skirmish or march column
    Units with the Skirmish rule can either do closing fire, form square or flee maneouver – now as they dont have a front arc they can always attempt to form square as the cavalry are always considered to be in their front arc :/
    Most line unit have Must form square – they have no choice but to attempt to form the square – so long as the charge is in their front arc
    Cavalry can only charge home on to a square if its already engaged or disrupted.  If the squre is neither of these then the cavalry can redirect to another unit or halt.

    Garry Wills

    Skirmish infantry can’t evade cavalry, just infantry.


    Bleh… its cavalry skirmishers who can evade formed cavalry charges..



    I Clash of eagles, it is only Infantry in line who must make an order test (with modifiers) to form square (page99).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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