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    Alan Tibbetts

    “Bolt Action doesn’t care about the past, only what is currently shown on the order dice”

    So, once a Recce move is done the vehicle is given a down dice, is considered stationary and mine-dogs and infantry can attack it as if it never moved?

    I suppose that’s no different than a tank which has moved getting hit and receiving Crew Stunned/Immobilized/On Fire result.

    Master Chief

    If a vehicle is making a Run action it is moving at high speed and cannot be assaulted by infantry. However, a vehicle that has made a Run action and subsequently been immobilised or otherwise brought to a halt that turn can be assaulted, and in these cases its order die will have already been flipped to Down to show this.

    Hits against vehicles are not scored automatically. If the vehicle is immobilised, if it has been brought to a halt and therefore has a Down order placed next to it, or if it has yet to take an action and therefore has no order, in all these cases each attack from the infantry will score a hit on a die roll of a 4, 5 or 6. If the vehicle is making an advance action the assaulting troops must roll 6s to score hits because it is still moving at a pace that makes it difficult to attack. No modifiers apply to these to-hit rolls.

    So as long as the target vehicle has no Fire, Run or no order die, it can be assaulted. So a recce vehicle can be assaulted after its recce move.

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    Alan Tibbetts

    Armies of the Soviet Union page 35.

    “Dog mines can only target stationary vehicles (i.e. any vehicle that does not sport an order dice showing a Run or Advance order).”

    So, a Down vehicle that did a Recce move is a legit target. I did not realize that.


    That is interesting, although in practice, recce vehicles will likely move out of charge range of any infantry. Dog Mines have a bit more flexibility so might be able to reach out and touch em. Doesn’t make any sense from a narrative perspective but more answers to recce the better!

    I do think it is rather amusing that both the Tank Hunter Teams, and the Ampulomet teams are far more efficient against infantry than they are against tanks, despite being in the soviet anti tank sections.

    Also Tank Hunters have “Tough Tank Hunters” which does double their attacks against vehicles. So 4 of em charging will cause 8 attacks which should translate to an s4 hit. That said… they are far far better running around hunting enemy small teams with smgs and assaults.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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