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    Thomas Duerrschmidt


    this is my entry for the painting Competition. A small diorama showing an IS2-Tank smashing a German position somewhere on the eastern Front, March 1945. I´ve completed the diorama today and I will show also some WIP-pics.

    I used the plastic IS-2 from Warlord games, painted it with a color modification set from AK Interactive. The effect is very convincing for me. Some scratches, chipping, washing…..the usual way.

    For the figures I mostly used the new Winter Germans, with some conversions and parts from other sets.

    Here is the way I did the diorma…see the below for the single steps.

    I sewed the ground plate with a hot wire cutter and melted the surface and the bunker with a small blow torch.

    Then I created the ground with a mixture of sand,
    wood filler, small stones, cork powder….

    Before doing the landscape, I had already painted figs and tank. Just needed some additional stuff like crates, spare Equipment, tarpaulins…

    I covered the whole landscape in black color by airbrush and then I started painting work from dark to lighter brown and sand tones by drybrushing.

    Thomas Duerrschmidt

    Sorry for posting the pics twice. I can´t delete the dublettes.

    But here are some outdoor pics showing the finished diorama.

    Have fun!


    Thomas Duerrschmidt

    Some additional pics…

    Thomas Duerrschmidt

    Marc Titley

    This is absolutely fantastic. Love the positioning of the figures. A real sense of motion and atmosphere


    Awesome work! So much character!

    I’ve gotta say, the German coming out of the dugout, looking up at the tank, with an AT mind in his hand, that is straight out of Battlefield. Really well done!

    Charge The Guns

    Absolutely fantastic! I really like the way the fleeing Germans are all focused on the looming ‘monster’ and a great story set up with the Panzerfaust and AT mine.

    It may be just me, but playing Hänschen klein makes this even more evocative 🙂

    Thomas Duerrschmidt

    Thanks for the comments. One some photos the tank looks quite small. But this is a matter of perspective I think.


    Loving everything about this entry, superb composition and excellent quality of painting. I also love the way you have photographed it, really brings it to life. Going to post up my diorama entry shortly but I don’t think I`m in the same league 🙁

    Slyde Klewlis

    Superb! I love how your technique used on the faces. Very realistic; the eyes don’t look all weird and way out of proportion. Mad modeling skills. Way to rock it.

    Wesley Myers

    Looks very good!

    Makes me want to know how the panzerfaust and mine will work out as counter-measures!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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