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    Hi guys.

    A few years back, I picked up a few German Grenadier models for BA, but couldn’t convince any of my gaming group to get into the game, and thus ended up selling the army.

    However, a friend has recently decided to get into the game with a US Airborne force, and I managed to pick up a few Waffen-SS models and a Panzer IV.

    I’d like to keep the army fairly historically accurate, not necessarily to any particular theatre, but definitely late war period.

    To this end, I’m wondering if anyone could offer any advice or links that could help me to arm my Waffen-SS Grenadiers accurately. I don’t want to tailor units for their maximum effectiveness in game, but rather to have them reflect the general unit composition of the late war Waffen-SS units.

    One other minor question, is regarding the plastic SS kit. It seems like a great kit overall, my only gripe is the single pose for the MG42 in the kit.

    I do have a couple of leftover sprues of standard German Grenadiers from a few years back. Would it be acceptable to use the MG42 arms from the Grenadiers sprue with the Waffen SS bodies or would the difference in uniform be an issue? Again, I’d like the army to be as historically accurate as possible so this does concern me, however I’d also like to ensure that not all of my LMG models look identical.

    Similarly, would the Grenadier heads be useable with the SS kit?


    Bill M.

    Hi Andrew,

    Late War SS Grenadier Platoon would consist of a
    command squad: 5 men – Lt w/smg a SSGT with a KAR – 98K and 4 privates w/KAR – 98K
    3 Grenadier Squads: SGT w/smg a LMG gunner and assistant w/KAR – 98K a corporal w/smg and 5 pvts w/KAR – 98K

    The SS Panzergrenadier Sqd was very similar. the command section remains as noted above but the squads consisted of 10 men, the extra man carried a LMG

    Be aware that this varied greatly throughout the war but is a pretty solid guide.



    Hi Bill.

    Thanks for the reply, it’s greatly appreciated.

    I had no idea that SMG’s and STG44’s were so rare within the SS, I often had them down as having the lions share of the higher end equipment and weaponry. Would STG’s and MP40’s have been that rare then?

    Thanks again

    invisible officer

    Yes, they had been very rare and SS did not get more than Heer or Luftwaffen infantry.At D day production was still small. Only in winter 44/45 an average squad could get a second Stug 44.
    Many stayed in Germany with training units and many with guys that did not fight but had the power to get that cool toy.

    In addition I like to mention that the Panzergrenadier squad given by Bill is for mot (motorized with lorries) Units. half of most Panzergrenadier elite Units, 3/4 in many others. Very few divisions had all Panzergrenadiere in SPW.

    The Panzergrenadier gep (armored ) squad had:
    Gruppenführer (SMG)
    Stellvertretender Gruppenführer K 98
    2 OR with K 98
    4 men with pistols and two LMG for dismounted use
    Driver of SPW with K 98
    Co Driver with K 98, serving the front MG of SPW
    Each SPW had an Ofenrohr AT weapon or some Panzerfäuste

    Bill M.

    You’re welcome Andrew! Thank you Invisible Officer.

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