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    Steven Gusky

    Hello does anybody know if Warlord will be coming out with a smaller ships? I really want to do the battle of Lake Erie and the Brigs are the largest ships on the table
    I am specifically looking for schooners and Sloops

    Thanks in advance if anybody has an answer

    Peter Grizzell

    Until Warlord do produce some smaller ships take a look at Peter Pig’s “Pirate Ships” range. They are supposed to be 1/450 but sit quite happily alongside the Warlord ships.

    Steve Burt

    You can get schooners, sloops, gunboats, shore defences etc all in 1:700 for very reasonable prices here:

    It’s in German, but I’m sure you can all manage

    invisible officer

    There are a few ranges that do the special small Great lake types built for the area. But Forum rules do not allow naming or linking.

    Many early Lake vessels had no bulwarks but rails on open sides Like General Hunter or Earl of Moira. So not many high sea vessels fit for early time.

    The range misses too many high sea ones for mainstream games. So I doubt that Warlord will do suitable models soon.

    But in 1/700 scratch building would be easy.

    Gary Grimes

    I won’t repeat the name of the supplier who’s link is provided above by Steve Burt but their ships are very nice. Also, they provide ships that Warlord Games doesn’t provide so in my opinion are not a direct competitor to Warlord but rather compliment their line of ships. I know that despite buying five of their ships, it hasn’t slowed me from collecting 42+ Warlord Games ships.

    Bruce Scott

    The Brigs are really easy to convert too, particularly if you have some leftover parts from frigates. Cut out the middle section to make a small sloop; extend the stern with a spare frigate stern piece and add the leftover mast from above for a bark or 6th rate frigate!

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    Lt. Greensword

    I have used a Brig hull with some spare frigate masts (much chopped about to create a large privateer such as the American 18 gun Prince de Neufchatel.

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