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    Nathan Rich

    Hey there everyone! I have two questions and maybe someone is able to answer them.

    1) In the “Campaign: Western Desert” are new units introduced for the SAS and LRDG, for example the CWT 30 Gun Trucks or Support Trucks, the LRDG Foot Patrol, SAS Demolition Team etc.

    Can these units only be used in the designated SAS/LRDG Special Forces Theatre Selectors or is it possible to use them in a Reinforced Platoon as well? Maybe I am just very blind however, couldn´t find a selector paragraph in the units profiles.

    2) In the Paragraph “Additional Commonwealth and British Units” of “Western Desert” the SAS Infantry Section is introduced with the same profile as in “Duel in the Sun” and the “Additional Units PDF” however, in the section “Special Forces in the Western Desert” is another SAS Infantry Section introduced with a quite different profile.

    Can I use both? Maybe side by side in the same Reinforced Platoon or Selector? Or is this not correct?

    I am quite confused in both questions. Or maybe I am just too blind to find the appropriate sections in the book for clarification.

    Thanks and have a nice day everyone!

    Master Chief

    Based on my understanding of the books:

    (1) The Western Desert LRDG and SAS teams are specific to the desert theatre. The composition is specified right after their special abilities.

    Of course there is nothing stopping you and your opponent from agreeing to let you/him/her field LRDG/SAS teams/vehicles in a normal reinforced platoon by replacing the relevant infantry/truck/transport/jeep selection.

    (2) I couldn’t find the generic SAS squad entry in the Western Desert book that is the same as the SAS squad in the Duel and Additional Units PDF, the two latter which I believe refer to generic SAS squads that operate in the European theatre. At that point I guess the stats and rules for desert specific SAS teams have not been developed yet, so they were also used for scenarios in Duel. With the Western Desert book you should now use the SAS teams in the Western Desert book for desert scenarios, and those in the Duel/Additional Units pdf in European scenarios. But again you need to agree with your opponent on which to adopt and allow.

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    Master Chief

    The SAS Infantry section from Duel/Additional Units pdf also appears in the Battleground Europe book. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

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