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    Troy Hill

    Doing the math on the sprue vs. the armament via cards
    S-100 + S-38 should have on the sprue:
    2x 37mm
    1x Twin 20mm
    2x 20mm

    But, there seems to be only one 37mm.

    Am I missing something here? I hate to pull 37s from other boat hulls, or have to mess with magnetizing them.

    invisible officer

    Well, they have on sprue the 2cm Vierling that replaced the 3,7 cm on some S-100. So one can finish the models.

    The problem is that the Data Cards are for one version of S-38-66 only. That with “3,7 cm”. In fact it was a 4 cm Bofors “found” in France. S 39, 42, 44,45,46.

    The others had a single 2cm in the aft position. NO 3,7.

    The Bridge is only for that 38-66 series.

    From S-68 the Bridge was a light metal Version of the later Kalotte on most. S-67 was built with a clear plexi glas one. Soon replaced by a metal one. And the surviving S-38-66 got converted. Adding a lot of confusion.

    The kit’s 3,7 cm looks more than a Bofors. What is correct but most of the early boats had no shield on it.
    Only late war the 3,7 cm was mounted on some instead of 4 cm or quad 2cm.

    Troy Hill

    Well, looking at the sprue, there seems to be ample room to add a weapon or two. Just slide the boat hulls down to one end, and add at least a gun to each of those channels.

    Or, add an options sprue.

    Or, put the S-100 (two hulls) on one sprue, and the S-38 (two hulls) on another sprue – each with options as Warlord is good at with their Bolt Action Infantry.

    Still, for their lack of options on this game’s sprues, I’m enjoying the game and the building of the boats.

    Now I have to head off and get a British flotilla today

    Troy Hill

    Also, I don’t have a book (store was sold out)

    what is the point cost to swap the Quad 20mm for the 3.7 gun on the S-100?

    Paul G. Overend

    Perhaps a weapons sprue would be a nice addition from Warlord at some point in the future so some of the mounted items can be configured to reflect particular fits.

    Although I’d like to see a few of the early war vessels before that. 😀

    Zloy Krolik

    Just call it whatever you want. Just because the rules say the models are WYSIWYG doesn’t mean you have to play that way. Plenty enough problems with these rules, even after the errata, don’t make more by overly rivet counting the models.

    Troy Hill

    Think of it this way… how many more sets would some gamers be purchasing just to set each boat up with the correct guns/bridges/options for that particular variation?

    Stephen Smith

    It’s the first thing I noticed my self. Not being able to have the default weapon as a choice isn’t ideal, nor is spending more to correct the error.

    invisible officer

    Hmmm, in real world more S-100 had the quad 2 cm (replacing the 37 / 40 mm) than S-38 boats had the 40 mm.

    In my opinion the lack of a S 38 single 20 mm Option on game card and sprue is worse than the lack of a second big one pn sprue.

    But the single 20mm bow gun on sprue is a nightmare anyway. Far too big. (Designed for a durable wargaming toy) Another one for aft position would not make me feel much better. So scratch building.

    For those not able / willing to do that I would suggest doing the sprue’s S100 with quad and using the 37/40 mm on S 38. The model is nothing but a marker, lacking much detail anyway.

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