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    Nathan Rich

    Hello everybody!

    I’ve seen that there are models for various WWI Tanks however, I’ve only found rules and point costs for the French FT-17 tank in my “France and the Allies” book.

    Are there any point costs and rules for the other WWI tanks that are available? E.g. the British Mark IV? Or the other French tank I forgot the name of.

    Have a nice day everybody!

    invisible officer

    Warlord has not done a WW I game so there are no rules for tanks that are no longer used in the BA era.

    FT 17 was,so there are rules.

    Some gamers wrote own WW I BA style rules.

    Well, a few got used in WW II, like rhomboid tank from Zeughaus Museum in defence of Berlin, as static Pillbox.


    Hi Nathan,
    if you look in the Operation Sea Lion and Campaign Gigant you will see the few profiles of these vehicles that have been written.

    Operation Sealion:
    Pg 46 Medium Mark C Hornet (plus the Vickers Medium – the Vickers is strictly speaking an inter-war tank)

    Campaign Gigant:
    Pg 31 Mk IV Heavy, this can be either the Male or the Female. For the Hermaphrodite conversions with mixed sponsons, I’m sure that you can figure out both rules and points.

    Please note I use the term Hermaphrodite because historically, that was what the mixed sponson tanks were called. I mean no disrespect to anyone who is Inter-Sex and I hope no offense is taken.

    Nathan Rich

    Thank you very much for your answers. I´ve already planned to buy Sea Lion and Gigant.
    Really excited to field Mark IV and Mark C Hornet then.


    I will post the information that we use for the St Chamond, Schneider, other British Mks, and A7V when I am back from travelling.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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