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    Gary Seinfield

    Id just like to know where or to whom rules suggestions can be submitted?

    If the forums are in fact monitored id just like to suggest/ask why the 122mm ‘heavy’ anti-tank gun on Soviet tanks is not in fact a ‘super heavy’. It has similar performance to the Tiger and Panthers cannons which are both ‘super heavy’; the 122mm has better penetration to both guns non-APCR ammo.

    Furthermore, as far as faction rules go Soviet SMGs have a superior fire-rate comparable to that the German MGs have over other MGs yet Soviet SMGs get no bonus attack like German MGs. Even if it came at a +1 point increase this would be consistent.



    The only real answers are game balance and because:

    If you make the 122mm super heavy you get an IS-2 at >400 points. That makes it unfieldable like the Tiger. IS-2 is already one of the best tanks in the game, that move would make it probably one of the worst. Look at the German Big Cats – far too many points and therefore rarely seen.

    SMG rate of fire – too detailed for BA to care about, an SMG is an SMG. The LMG thing is because the MG-42 by reputation is the Buzzsaw.

    BA is a historically themed gaem, that’s it. Any attempt to read anything more into it will ultimately fail. To start with the time and ground scale is deliberately skewed which immediately screws up any appeal to logic or reason

    Nice ideas though 😉

    Stuart Harrison

    +1 to what Richard said. Additional point with the SMG vs Hitler’s Buzzsaw – Hitler’s Buzzsaw is one of the German national rules, not just a weapon upgrade (originally only one of two rules they had) – the soviets already have plenty of national rules.


    If we are making new rule suggestions mine would be …

    If a mortar shot misses by only 1 or 2 have it’s hit location deviate 2d6″ in a random direction. Or maybe 1d6″ per # hit roll missed by, so miss by 3 deviate by 3d6″ in random direction …


    I want the 1 inch over the top of a figure’s head rule changed to “Two inches from the base”. Never go by a figure. It’s stupid. See attached images.

    Gerry Brawley

    Models in a unit are assumed to be moving around in/behind the cover so no descrimination between a kneeling or prone figure and one standing.


    Then how do you measure the distance? If all my models are prone?

    What you said doesn’t make any sense.


    Then how do you measure the distance? If all my models are prone?

    Measure from the base. Any other method becomes unnecessarily tedious.


    Rule never state that.
    sorry. can’t comply.


    All models are assumed to be standing, it’s used throughout the LOS rules. If you want a more clinical game I suggest Wamachine or Section Sangin.


    I think Flamethrowers should be some type of teardrop template.


    I have a suggestion about the rules for indirect fire. In my opinion I love templates. I love the nitty grittyness that I feel it creates and how it physically visualizes the impact of the different calibers of HE more clearly and less abstract than the old way. However, with how the rules have been written I feel like there is this weird blend of concrete but also abstract representation. So I’ve devised two solutions to make things clearly abstract or clearly concrete.

    First, the abstract solution:
    Go back to the old way of rolling dice to see how many hits are caused. The only different thing is that excess hits on a unit are wasted. So a 2 man sniper team hit by a heavy howitzer will only suffer 2 hits max. It’s still extremely likely that they will both get hit and that both will die, but makes it so that big HE an auto delete button like before.

    Okay now for the concrete solution, get ready for alot of changes:
    For indirect fire, instead of choosing a unit to target mark a point within LOS with a token. After passing a FIRE order, measure range and then roll to range in as normal. If you do not range in, you may move the point up to 2 inches and not have to restart “ranging in”. The new point must still be within range and LOS. Once ranged in. place the template centered over the token and calculate how many hits then roll to damage. The indirect fire unit is now “ranged in” for that point for the rest of the game, even if it attempts to start ranging in at another point.

    Units capable of indirect that have a spotter can be used “off table”. First choose a spot along your table edge to measure range from for the off table unit. To determine range subtract the minimum range from maximum range. For example a medium mortar has a range of 12-60″ inches. So an off table medium mortar has a range of 48 inches from the spot along your table edge.
    To conduct fire from off table, mark a point wihtin the spotter’s LOS, then the indirect fire unit must pass a FIRE order with a -1 penalty to recieve the coordinates of the point from the spotter. Then if successful, measure range from the spot on the table edge to the point the spotter picked. If its within range, roll to range in as normal. Once a unit has ranged in on a point, they are ranged in for that point for the rest of the game. You can range in as many points as you want during a game for a unit.

    When the enemy uses an indirect fire unit that is off table, you can attempt to counter attack them with your own indirect fire units. Whenever the enemy unit receives a FIRE order, your indirect fire unit can make a moral test at -3 to attempt to figure out the location. Once you suceed the moral test, you can give your unit a FIRE order to attempt a counter barrage. Measure range to the point on the enemy table edge. You must be within range of the point and have excess range equal to the minimum range of the enemy indirect fire piece. Then roll to range in as normal.

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