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    Eric Fontaine

    Have a specific rules question, let’s hear it. Let’s chat about it. And lets get the official ruling. Who will be first?


    What weapons do Ronin thugs have? The FAQ says for us to look at their card but it is blank. The Ronin thug group however says that they are armed with the katana.


    Any model can be armed with any melee weapon as long as it’s clearly modeled. Some cards like Ronin Thug Group, and Bandit Group specify that their armed with a certain weapon.

    Gao Qiu

    A question I asked back in December (and am still waiting the answer to): can you only recruit 1 Sergent of each kind, or can you take as many as you want (which seems both counterintuitive and way too strong)?

    Marc Titley

    My question is this, and I may well have missed it in the rules, if you take out a token from the bag but have no figure to activate, do you replace the token and forfeit your turn?


    If the token is removed, that is the figure that next activates. If you have no figures, then a figures of your opponent gets to activate in YOUR turn; then the opponent gets to pull out a token from the bag.
    Example: If player 1 has two Commoner tokens left, and Player 2 has only none left. In Player 2’s turn a Commoner token is pulled – Player 1 gets to activate a Commoner; then it is Player 1’s turn.

    Sometimes, the Fate Tokens work with you, and sometimes they work against you.

    As a strategy, this is why single unit Commoners are useful. they take up activations.

    Marc Titley

    Thank you for your help. I played last night. I must play more to be more familiar with the rules. Great game.


    Question on recruitment

    are you limited to the number of cards you have for the non-named heros?

    e.g. if you have three identical cards for say an archer, are you limited to just three archers or can you bring as many as you like (and use the cards just as a reference)?


    In a Home-Game, however you like it.
    Usually, in tournies, they prefer all the cards to represent the models on the table – I’d imagine ToH tournaments would be no different.


    How do you customize your warband? Can you add ninja’s to a samurai warband? I’m thinking of adding pauper soldiers to a monk warband (as stand in for Ikko-ikki) would that be possible ? I guess that you only have one Hero but are there any restrictions in mixing other figs/cards

    Gao Qiu

    You can mix the factions freely.

    You can have up to 3 Samurai but only 1 Hero.
    You can have as many commoners as you want.

    At least 1/3 of your points must be commoners.

    Fairly easy 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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