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    Carl E. Corrado

    Sorry guys, but just want to clarify for myself.

    When it calls for 1 LMG (+loader) and 8 inf. Does the LMG loader
    count as part of the 8 infintry or in addition to the 8 Infintry?



    Stuart Harrison

    Can you clarify where you’re looking when you say “When it calls for…”?

    Someone’s army list?

    A suggested list on a boxed set?

    One of the list making utilities like Army Builder or Easy Army?

    Generally, the LMG gunner and loader come from the total strength of the squad.


    Squad of regulars comes with NCO and four men (all rifles) for 50 points
    Add 3 men with rifles for 30 points (total now 80 points, NCO with rifle and 7 men with rifles)
    One man replaces rifle with LMG for 20 points, one man becomes loader (total now 100 points, NCO with rifle, 2 man LMG team, and 5 men with rifles).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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