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    Dear Warlord Community,

    I have another question: Does a unit of Brandenburgers’  HAVE to be on the board for their reserve effects to take place in the game? There are several iterations of Brandenburgers’ in the campaign books, but the rules are ambiguous in the requirements for Bradenburgers’ effects (should be FAQ’ed, hmmm Warlord and maybe nerfed a bit?).

    Does this imply that Brandenburgers’ effects are universal you just need to have them in your army list and they can be in reserved or on the board for their effects to take place? What if the unit is destroyed?

    OR can a case be made that Brandenburgers’ HAVE to be on the board for effects to take place, the precedence being from other units that explicitly mentioned when their rules can take effect when in reserves:

    Case #1: Across the Volga Artillery in the Stalingrad book (explicit effects when not on the board)

    Case #2: German Infiltration Squad in Battle of the Bulge book (explicit effects when not on the board)

    The Brandenburgers’ rules do not have these explicit statements of their effects working in reserve as these units have..

    So, what does that imply:

    – Does the Brandenburgers’ effects work in reserve because their effect requirements are ambiguous, and we can imply what we want from it?

    – OR the Brandenburgers’ effects DO NOT WORK in reserve, because their effects does not explicitly state that they work in reserve, using the above units that have explicitly stated their rules work in reserve as precedence to make this argument.

    Or is there another game rule that gives clarity on this?


    If the rules are different between books you choose which book you are using and forget the entry’s exist in any other book.

    A number of the units are really only fit for use within the scenarios of the book they are in and can cause imbalance when used in generic reinforced platoons and pick up games

    This is one of the reasons why people are asking for a V3 or at least 2.5 where units entry’s ate consolidated and generally tidied up.


    You also have the issue that different people write the different books…so yeah not a lot of help …


    Personally I’d apply the rule of reserves disruption of the Brandenburg’s where in a list as that’s what they where developed for so is more to balance..we’ll see point about how some units shouldn’t be used outside of their scenarios

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