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    invisible officer

    Like many others I bought Wargames Illustrated January 2019 and got the PT boats. Elco and Higgins.

    I want them for European waters and so the Higgins cried : “I want to become one of RN MTB 419-423.”
    These are the former USN PT 88,90,92, 93 and 94. Tranfer was in spring 1943. But 93 was soon converted into a target towing boat.

    They are from the 1942 built series. The main difference to the US configuration was that the aft torpedo tubes are not carried by RN. They had 4 DC there.
    The RN ones had the early pole antenna mast, not the later A type in kit.

    An easy conversion that you all can do. Just cut away the bases of the aft torpedo tubes and add the DC. Made from wire or plastic rod.

    The MTB served in Mediterranean

    Early US Higgins had a 20 mm aft. From 1943 a 40 mm was added and the 20 mm went to mid of boat. The tubes on US boats got exchanged to launching racks to save weight, the same reason the RN had to drop two tubes.

    Big Al

    Nice, easy conversions. Looks great, IO! Thanks for that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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