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    Eric Fontaine

    You know who you are and what you want to talk about in great detail, so here it is…

    Lets see what we know…

    I will give us something to kick off the chat with…

    What do we know about a famous checkoslovakian tank of WW II? That managed to see the western beaches of France, envelope Poland, and drive into Russia, while serving in multiple nations Armies, and being the foundation for multiple follow on vehicles?

    invisible officer

    Hmm, most a gamer needs if he had read the Spielberger book on the (t) tanks?

    Fred Cartwright

    Indeed it is a great book, but I guess not everyone has it.


    Which Czech tank? There were two, after all. There was the LT vz. 35, and the LT vz. 38.

    Both ultimately ended up in pretty much the same role. The Germans turned their LT vz. 38s (Panzer 38(t))into Marder IIIs, mounting captured Soviet 76.2mm guns. And the Romanians turned their LT vz. 35s (R-2 tank) into TACAM R-2s, also mounting captured Soviet 76.2mm guns.

    Though perhaps somewhat ironically, the TACAM R-2 was only used against Romania’s former Hungarian and German allies.


    No one opinion is right for every one or every situation … but we all have favorites and reasons why we like them … so let’s share …

    At 200 points for a regulat tank I’m a fan of the German P3 H or J , a good all round medium tank with medium gun found in mid war on … and with reinforced rear armor just as tough from behind as from the sides , letting me play a little more agresive without fear of rear exposure. Later war tank choise gets a lil more complicated.

    Eric Fontaine

    38t hands down. Just for historical sense. Made originally by chech, captured by Germans, Invades Poland, invades France, parks on the channel, then drives accross europe again to invade Russia, and served in multiple countries, went from a main tank to recon, then modified to hetzers, flame tanks, artillery and antiair all the way up to the last days. Legendary.

    Dr Dave

    Churhill and the MkVII in particular.

    Why? Because although it still has a 75mm gun the 152mm of frontal armour makes it better protected than a Tiger or a Panther and everyone else get’s all “ooooh-ahhhhhhh2 about Jerry kit!


    Pzr 38t for me too, great little tank, low points packs a mean MMG Punch and can take out Armoured Cars, Light and Medium tanks whilsts the Heavy Tanks are best ignored 😉

    It’s in service somewhere fighting as a tank from 39 to 42.. for me it’s the tank equivalent of the IG18 and when I play it in a Bolt Action game I don’t feel dirty..

    Mind you when I field two of them in a Tank Platon with 3 M/Cycle Combinations for under 500pts I do feel slightly dirty then 😀

    Charles Sherrange

    In real life my favorite tank is the Firefly. But it is rubbish in a normal BA game. In bolt action, my favorite tank is the Churchill with a 75mm

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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