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    From the Ready Room Facebook page

    Release Schedule – Unofficial. There has been quite a lot of posts about future releases from Warlord for BRS and we get a lot of why is x plane or when is y etc, so I thought to try and tidy it up I would post something up to show what has been confirmed and when, or suggested. This is based on what has been talked about here or on other forums, so may not be 100% and I’ve indicated where the speculation begins.

    March 2019 (err now!)
    • RAF national cards set
    • Metal Beaufighter I squadron
    • Metal Beaufighter Ace: ‘Bob’ Braham
    • Metal BP Defiant squadron
    • Metal Spitfire IX squadron
    • Metal Spitfire IX Ace: Pierre Closterman

    April 2019
    • Luftwaffe national cards set
    • Metal Ju87D Stuka squadron
    • Metal Fw 190 Dora squadron
    • Metal Fw 190 Dora Ace: Hans Dortenmann
    • Metal Me 410 Squadron
    • Metal Me 410 Ace: Eduard Tratt

    May 2019 confirmed
    • Ace: Johnny Red
    • Falcon Squadron (MiG3, I 16, Yak1b, La5FN)
    • USAAF national cards set
    • Metal F4U Corsair squadron
    • Metal Corsair Ace: Philip Kirkwood
    • Metal Corsair Ace: ‘Pappy’ Boyington

    June 2019
    • Japanese national cards set
    • Metal Mitsubishi J2M ‘Raiden’ Squadron
    • Metal J2M ‘Raiden’ Ace: Yozo Tsuboi
    • Metal Kawanishi N1K-J ‘Shiden’ squadron
    • Metal N1K-J ‘Shiden’ Ace: Kaneyoshi Muto

    July 2019 (NOT CONFIRMED)
    • Metal IL2 Sturmovik Squadron
    • Metal La5FN Squadrom
    • Metal La5 Ace Ivan Kozhedub
    Soviet National Cards

    August 2019 (DATE NOT CONFIRMED)
    • Metal P-47 Thunderbolt squadron
    • Metal P-47 Thunderbolt Ace: Gabby Gebreski
    • Metal P-40 Warhawk squadron
    • Metal P-40 Warhawk Ace: TBC

    September Air Strike Supplement including new air to ground scenarios (subject to change)

    UPDATE Air Strike now looks like its being pushed back to December due to release congestion at Warlord.

    Others mentioned for 2019 but release unconfirmed

    Mig Alley – 3 x F86 v 3x Mig15

    UPDATE MigAlley will only contain 2 each of MiG and Sabre. Not unreasonable as they should really be operating in pairs.

    Metal P40, P47, 109G, Me262 Squadrons, Full Squadron sets of the Soviet planes in Johhny Red plus historical Aces for MiG3 and I16

    2020 New Pacific War BRS Starter set

    This ISN’T the full BRS schedule – my spies have stolen a copy but it’s not really fair on them for me to share as it may compromise their position. I’ll post this as an announcement and we can update as stuff becomes clearer. Cheers


    Sturmovik FTW

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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