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    Hi folks,

    Trying to ascertain if a standard reinforced platoon can consist of any unit in the army book. For example, I have painted up 10 pzgrenadiers (2 LMG, 4 STG, 3 Pzfaust) with a hanomag from BoB set. I am now putting together 30 blitzkrieg Germans (all rifles, 1 LMG per squad). I also have:
    light & med mortars
    Marder 2
    Pak 40 RSO
    Light arty

    Is it ok to put a force together with these units for a PUG? I have no idea how folks agree on a theme seeing as you cant have or carry every unit out the door.

    I’d presume that’s why ‘reinforced platoon’ restrictions exist, at least to allow free choice, but limit spam.

    So I’ve been reading even with reinforced platoon restrictions, folks can still optimise (make competitive) their lists, like quad AA or MMG tank, regardless of year. This is fine, but is it true, I can choose any unit as long as it fits in with the reinforced platoon restrictions?



    Are you talking about the default reinforced platoon from the rule book or the theatre ones in the army and scenario books?

    Strictly speaking the Blitzkrieg Germans and the Panzergrenadier Germans are early and late war.

    Assuming PUG is Pick Up Game, then you could say that the Panzergrenadiers are regular or veteran, whilst the Blitzkrieg ones are inexperienced (guess who has not got a rulebook to hand for the experience levels) but only with your opponents permission.

    When I have played, either my opponent and I have decided beforehand what the period and hence the theatre selection will be or one of us has supplied both sides.

    I am sure more experienced players will have an opinion.

    Remember that seriously anachronistic platoons will have issues, in the same way that a default Infantry will have against a Tank War platoon.


    As written…you have i) generic reinforced platoons which have no limitations except whats in your book /nation section of the rule book OR ii) theatre reinforced platoon which gives you the year restrictions and what units are available and equipment etc.

    Eg… under generic rules Russians can take 4 LMG squads each with 2 LMGs, how ever theatre platoons only after ’43 can they take 2 LMG squads as there core/ compulssary choices with 2 all others are limited to 1.


    Thanks guys, I get it now.

    I suppose for PUGs you’d take a reinforced list, but for folks you know, you’d arrange more themed and ‘balanced’ games using the supplements.

    The scenarios offered in the German army book are just for the German forces so you would be hamstrung if using them without coordinating with your opponent.

    I’ve ordered a few supplements so I can build more representative models.


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