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    Cat Shot One

    Opening Shot – is that a typo? “Do: … rolling on Firepower die.” Shouldn’t that be “one Firepower die”?

    Pe-2 and P-8: Is there a difference between Firepower “0” and “-“?


    If I remember correctly, 0 means that it could be used for roll which uses the value. It could also be impacted by modifiers.
    ‘-‘ means that you can’t roll something using the value.

    Cat Shot One

    I remember this was once suggested in this forum and it makes complete sense to ‘model’ aircraft with just 1-2 machine guns to the front like the Pe-2.
    However, (to my knowledge) it never become official. When did that happen? Is there perhaps a more recent FAQ/Errata than from May 1 or April 25 repectively. In the rules FP 1 is the lowest possible value. The important thing to remember is (at least for me) that even FP 0 planes can benefit from tailing.


    I can’t confirm, but I too took that as a typo for “Opening Shot”. Rolling one firepower dice is the only way I could make sense of the card. Long range hits were rare and more luck than anything, therefor it wouldn’t make sense to have much of a chance of scoring a hit.


    Dont have the card… but firepower die is just the number on the card without the pilot skill added…. so Opening shot will be between 1-4 diece(eg Litvyak add +1 to FP not Pilot score)

    So an aircraft with more guns stands a higher chance of hitting.

    from pg 9
    The Firepower characteristic is a
    representation of the planeʼs armament
    in terms of accuracy, range, ammunition, and
    reliability. Firepower for each aircraft is rated from
    one to three, with 1 being the lowest, and 3 being
    the highest:
    from PG 12
    To resolve a shooting attack, the shooter adds the
    Pilot Skill value to the planeʼs value, and
    rolls that many dice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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