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    There are a few things about the rules allowing crewmen to transfer between guns that I find to be unclear. If anyone can offer clarification for the points below, it would be much appreciated.

    1.) The maximum movement is stated as 12 inches (same as standard infantry movement). Is that closest model to closest model (i.e. gun model), like in close quarters? Or possibly each individual crewman to gun center?

    2.) If my AT gun is taken out by exceptional damage, leaving 4 crewmen behind, can they reinforce a howitzer that still has it’s original 4 crewmen (bringing the total number of crewmen serving the howitzer to 8)? I’m guessing this would not be allowed.

    3.) If the crew leave a veteran gun to re-crew a regular gun, do they become regular to match the gun? This would be the simplest way to deal with mixed experience levels.

    4.) Has anyone encountered, or thought of, any additional points that should be clarified on this topic?

    Stuart Harrison

    My opinions:

    1. Not an assault so normal movement measuring rules per crew member would apply unless stated otherwise. The 12″ move is not dependent on the gun receiving a particular order so I’d treat it much like a regroup move.

    2. Nothing prevents a gun being over manned under this rule, and the Japanese have the option to buy extra men for some of their artillery so no absolute ban on it.

    3. I’d run with joining another gun that has crew, stays at current experience level (a couple of veterans/rookies jumping in as ammo handlers doesn’t change the experience of the guy at the gun-sight). If it’s an abandoned gun, I’d suggest using the experience level of the new crew (you could argue for a couple of veterans taking over an unfamiliar gun losing a level or two, but what about a couple of rookies taking over a previously veteran gun?).


    I was not aware of that Japan rule allowing extra men for artillery. That does seem to lend credibility to possibly over-crewing. Thanks for pointing that out.


    After re-reading the re-crewing section of the RB…again, I am of the opinion that as long as the actual gun models are within 12″ of one another, the crew can run between them. Though I’m still interested to hear if someone has a different interpretation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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