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    Troy Hill

    Met a fellow player with a different take on the “No Pre-Measuring” rule.

    His point was that should extend to devices laser lines to establish LOS lines before someone moves their tank/gun/zook etc.

    Case in point, I wanted to see if there was a fire line between a building, a hedgerow and a woods. If so, it was worth advancing my tank 3 inches up the road? So I used the line-laser to see if there was a decent gap all in a row. Opponent wanted me to commit to the move before I laser lined it.

    The rule in the book makes is sound as though it is about “distances and ranges”

    Anyone have a strong opinion, or know of a rules reference one way or another.

    Gerry Brawley

    We only ever use laser pointers if there is a query about los when a unit comes to fire…. so hardly ever used. I don’t think that laser pointers should be used for pre movement to allow for finding cover or LOS. Part of the game v actual is all about making that judgement ( good or bad ) and the risk.

    Gordon L. Allen


    This is an interesting topic and question. I would tend to agree with your opponent, for the following reasons:

    Your AFV (tank, etc.) wouldn’t know if there were a clear line of site until he got to the destination position. So, if you’re down the road a bit, maybe around a turn or side of a building, and you need to MOVE to get to the place where you’re going to fire – then I don’t think it would be fair, sporting or realistic to take a laser line and pre-sight it first.

    Having said that, I DO think it’s acceptable to pre-sight with a laser if you’re already in position and you think you have a shot. The idea is that your tank crew look over in the direction of the target (the commander looks over with binoculars and then the gunner looks through his scope and says “I ain’t got a shot…”, so they choose another target.

    The only real way your scenario may be acceptable is to do something very wasteful in terms of your orders – If your crew actually dismounted and advanced up to the location in question, THEN you could pre-sight it. THEN, they’d have to wait until next turn, advance BACK to the vehicle and mount up. THEN, 3 turns later, you could move to the location in question and fire! Not a good use of your AFV! 😉



    Charles Sherrange

    No, i would say you can sight from only where you are at. The crew wouldn’t know what they could see from yards away.

    But I would be ok with sighting to see what you could see in your current position before deciding what to do.

    Just not from anywhere else


    Rules don’t preclude checking LOS, only pre-measuring. The laser is just an easy way of checking LOS, you can put your head down to the table instead.

    We aren’t playing a double blind game so you are aware of all units on the table so you can check any LOS at any time.

    Slyde Klewlis

    In a tournament situation I could see your opponent not allowing you to use a laser line before your move; in a “friendly casual game” I would not have a huge issue as long as both sides agree to it being acceptable before the match begins.

    Troy Hill

    Now that I’ve had feedback from a number of sources, I can see the merit in:

    1. Announce intent to advance and shoot
    2. Measure farthest move distance & mark with a die.
    3. Adjust position up to that, using laser line to find the best legal firing line
    4. position unit legally and accordingly.

    That seems to keep the spirit of the “no measure” rule since the troops on the table don’t have the bird’s eye view the players do.


    I would have to agree with your opponent here because your unit would not have future knowledge if a clear line of site was possible. At least, not until your unit was able to move to that specific spot.

    I do not think pre-sighting before you move your units is a proper method to perform in a game of Bolt Action. This most certainly falls under the “No Measuring Before Deciding” on page 31.

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