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    Richard Trevor

    Hiya Gentlemen,

    I am wondering if Warlord Games are still going to update there Italians into plastic.

    I am really keen to do an Italian Army but the metals are a little but too much for me.

    Kind Regards,

    Charles Sherrange

    Couldn’t agree more- I cannot wait until plastic Italians come through! I will purchase a starter army and an additional box or two the moment they’re out.

    Cannot wait to field the forces of Italy!

    Dr Dave

    Which era Italians are you thinking of? Sunhats or helmets, crashed chickens or “sans poulet”?

    Charge The Guns

    Perhaps they could do a wide selection of hats in the Plastic kit and then you could swap them to make your desired period / unit? Could you magnetise the hats and swap them? Did any units wear a mixture of hats?


    With the change in hat often came a change in uniform color … but having a multi hat option let’s one box cover multibe unit , if the rest of the uniform is the same …

    Jim Ripley

    I’m hoping that we get a M13-40 or Semovente 75-18 in plastic as well as troops . We got Japanese and French tanks in plastic , how about the Italians get some love too ?

    Wesley Myers

    I too would like to see Italians in plastic!



    Dr Dave

    At charge the guns – That’s a very good question about mixed headgear. Alas I think not however. They’d generally all have the same type of hat / helmet.

    Both my Uncles met thousands of them during their time in North Africa, but I’m not sure how many of them still had hats or helmets… or guns, or packs, or any kit of any sort!

    The AWI Review

    Would love to see plastic Italians and plastic Italian vehicles.

    Bob Deane

    Avanti Savoia in plastica! What a GREAT idea!Sun Hat infantry please!

    Dr Dave

    Whilst I commend the enthusiasm, I fear it might not be too much of a viable earner for Warlord. Molds for plastics a very expensive and how many packs are likely to sell?

    One way of course is to make them deadly in the army lists which is what one company did to increase their sales. “Gamers” realised it was the winners army.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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