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    The pike and shotte range from Warlord Games is very extensive with very nice kits, but like many hobbyists there is never enough! So I drew up this thread, like the one in the bolt action section, to whisper our desires…..

    My suggestion is Thirty Years’ War infantry in plastic – I suggest a kit similar to the ecw one, so people can kit-bash as they like. The five pike bodies (2 marching and 3 standing/crouching) would all be armoured (usually a regiment was made up of armoured and unarmoured pikemen, but the ecw kit has many unarmoured bodies). The musket bodies would have casacks. I would also mix heads, the present kit has all firing & standing bodies unshaved, and all marching/advancing shaved – a mix would be nice. Headgear can include birnhelm and ‘dutch’ pot helmets besides morion, broad-brimmed hats, finnish-style hats, caps. The officer sprue can be similar too, with one officer having three-quarters armour, the other officer with a breastplate. The musician would have the option for a jingling johnny.

    A kit similar to the landsknechts (ball and socket heads) would be nice but kit-bashing with the existing one would be impossible.

    invisible officer

    Yes, a lot of stuff could be made for true TYW feeling.


    The Croat horse had been no hit. The animals are near to 2D. I intended to have 20 or more but just did one of each Blister type seeing that.


    Well if I could vote, I would like to see Hajduk figures, good units for the Polish Army and for Transilvanians and the Austrians as well.

    Charge The Guns

    I would love to see what Warlord could do with second versions of the foot and horse Pike & Shot plastic sets. They have done many plastics sets since these early ones and I’m sure they have learned a lot. A TYW focus would also be great.

    I’d like to see more plastic horses, perhaps a smaller size than the current horses, to cover things like Scots and Croat horse. (Bring back the guy who sculpted the current plastic horses!)

    More generals and hangers on would be nice.

    Oh, and where has that galloper gun got to? 😀


    Given the importance of leadership in the game, more leaders would be great for both ECW and TYW (especially TYW, given the lack there of).


    John Stallard

    galloper gun and a new heavy limber being painted up this week fellas….soon!!

    I like the idea of new plastic TYW infantry set too…..john s

    Rough Rider

    I would like to see another blister of dismounted cavalry, similar to the storming party with petard; a mix of models armed with sword and pistol and carbines.

    An blister of optional artillery crew would also be nice.

    Charge The Guns

    Very excited to know the galloper and limber are nearly here. Did I say I’ll take two?!

    More plastic infantry would be fantastic, and always happy for more dismounted cavalry and artillery crew too.

    Dismounted cavalry can double as officers so dual purpose perhaps?


    Agreed. Leaders really make this game and add so much flavor.

    I’d also add – as new to the gaming – each leader to be included with his particular flag, whether cavalry or infantry. Just a newbie suggestion.

    Charge The Guns

    Well, a lovely picture of the new galloper gun with crew and draught horse in the newsletter today. I still definitely need at least two!


    I strongly whish special rules book for Italian war or at least Renaissance conflict

    Charge The Guns

    That would be great, Christophe. An Italian Wars book would look fantastic. (Probably with some of your figures in it!)

    A small new wish for me. I wish the metal command figures, from the Swedish Infantry box set, were available as a separate blister. They are a lovely command set and I’m sure they would sell. (See my painted versions on the Nils Brahe post.)

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