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    Alister daire

    So with my 21st birthday looming, univeristy finished for what seemed like half a year and a competition announced by warlord games…. it looked to be a busy summer.

    After dabbling in Napoleonics a couple of years ago I fell in love with bolt action… of course! But there’s nothing like lines of infantry facing off against each other.

    I decided to get the peninsular British started army and a free box set! (Thank you summer offensive deal)

    This thread is hopefully going to have my painting guide for British peninsular units and also updates and test figures as my Amry nears completion for the competition deadline.

    I’ve also got the challenge of getting all units completed along with an extra cavalry unit, 95th rifles and portraguse division.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Charge The Guns

    Sounds great. Look forward to seeing your Brits as they prepare to go “over the hills and faraway” 🙂

    Alister daire

    So here are the box sets I’m starting out with!

    1 colonel
    4 regiments of British
    1 cannon ( will be getting more!)
    1 squadron of union cavalry

    1 portaguse regiment

    I’m hoping to to add
    1 regiment of portaguse
    95th rifles
    2 more cannons (9 pounders)

    Alister daire

    So here’s some shots of some test figures I painted.

    I’ve finished my colonel but he needs basing yet. Id like to make this into a small diorama.

    I decided to give black priming a go. I wanted to see the difference between black and grey which is what I normally use.
    I think black even though harder to paint over makes the model pop and adds extra depth to the figure. I have used wargame wash over some areas of the model but I’ve cut its use back as I want to try and get this army competition level.

    Alister daire

    So here is most of my army out.
    it took my whole night shift to cut and glue everything and now I’m moving on to priming them all!

    Anthony Miles

    Great start, good choice of theatre.
    The infantry had a dark grey/blackish short gaiter over their boot tops and under their trousers couldn’t see if you had differentiated this on the figure you showed.
    Not seen a brown cape on an officer figure before, most people seem to do them a dark blue colour, well painted though.
    Good luck with the rest, I currently have ten Battalions of British for the Peninsular

    invisible officer

    Nice starting force for an army.

    A Brown cloak would not be regulation but in Peninsula officers often wore what they got locally. Memoirs tell nice stories about that.

    One nagging critic 😉 The gorget should be silver in a Regiment with silver / pewter Buttons and gilded in one with gilded / brass ones.

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