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    Weapons, Pen, p.61, states:

    The number [PEN] is added to the roll to damage for all targets.

    So, a super-heavy AT gun firing at inexperienced infantry will have +7 added to its damage roll. Because that’s what the rule says. Right?

    Stuart Harrison

    Correct, but remember a natural 1 is always a fail on the to hit and to damage rolls. Anything with a high pen will kill an infantryman on a 2+. There is no auto-kill in Bolt Action.

    p54, Shooting, Roll to Hit, Hit Modifiers, first para, last sentence for the “to hit” failing on a 1.

    p56, Roll to Damage, first para, last sentence for the “to damage” failing on a 1.

    Stuart Harrison

    Also remember you can choose to fire HE with AT guns, in this case a 3″ template. If you do that, you use the pen for the HE, not the AT pen – you get more chances to kill and +3 is still in over-kill territory for inexperienced target troops so you will still kill on a 2+.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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