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    Lieutenant Aubrey RNVR braced his legs against the roll of his launch and kept his glasses sighted on the dark low shape to starboard. He had been tracking the enemy vessel for three minutes now. It had taken 20 seconds after his lookout had hissed a warning that he had identified the enemy as an E boat, armed with 37mm and 20mm cannon and normally a good 10 knots faster than his own launch. This was not normal times though…not since his engine had sputtered to a halt three hours since and the Engineer had declared the Engine ‘jiggered’. Three hours of bobbing, a sitting duck,just out sight of the enemy coastline with half the crew sea sick inside the first hour. That was until they had rigged a temporary sea anchor that kept the ship head on into the waves and minimised the ships roll.
    For a moment an unexpected lurch of the launch as it hit a heavier swell meant the E boat leapt out of his glasses vision, but he quickly found it again, thankfully still passing at slow speed and giving no sign that they knew he was here. Behind him there was a low conversation between his ‘Number One’ and ‘Sparks’. Ignore it and ignore the urge to check that the port lookouts were keeping a watch out on that side rather than sneaking looks at the known enemy. The last thing he needed was a second E boat sneaking up unseen. His job now was to watch that enemy boat for any sign that they were sighted. His only slight advantage was that they had not seen him and he needed to get his punch in first if they did. His 3 pdr and Orelikon crews were tracking the enemy too, fingers on the trigger ready to fire the moment he gave the command. Then the E boats profile shortened until only the stern was visible and then it was gone. He found himself letting out his breath in a long slow exhale.
    His Number One , a youthful sub-lieutenant, was by his side. “Sparks has dumped the confidential papers overboard and the chief engineer reports that we can get under way but at only 3 knots or the fuel line will give way.” Lieutenant Aubrey dared to hope that they might yet creep away to safety. A hope that was dashed when the Port lookouts hissed urgently. “Enemy vessel bearing..” He was alongside their pointed arms but both arms were pointing at different directions. He quickly identified the large Merchant Vessel but took precious seconds to find the second vessel another E boat bow on to his Launch. Discovery was now inevitable. “Sparks send a contact Report in clear, Enemy Convoy at, am engaging escort vessels”
    “Engine Room, fire up the engines, give me what you can for as long as you can”
    “Gun crews engage the E boat once your guns will bear…fire at will”

    HAMMERHEAD SHOW, NEWARK Saturday March 2nd 2019. The Lancaster Wargames Society will be running a Cruel Seas Participation Game. If you are there feel free to come and join in. Can you save ML 137 affectionally know as the ‘King of Piel’ and Sink the German blockade Runner.

    Charge The Guns

    I expect Aubrey will be lucky! 🙂

    What a fantastic introduction. Good luck to all who take part. I hope you will come back and tell us how it goes?

    invisible officer

    Lucky Jack A. junior? Meeting a rare and valuable big blockade runner without the standard escort of minesweepers and R-Boote? Just two S-Boote?

    I hope it’s a returning HSK (AMC), giving him hell.

    He deserves it for the awfull novels and even worse movie about the other Aubrey.

    Scorpio Rocks

    Looked good, sorry didn’t have time to join in.

    Was also a tad miffed that Warlord hadn’t taken any Kriegsmarine or Royal Navy gun packs to the show… Now I have to do a mail order and wait (and pay postage…)

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