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    Fred Brannan

    What sort of rules are there (Warlord or home-grown) covering use of the Panzernest?

    Nigel Heather

    There was a thread that I replied to with my thoughts a while ago, here :-

    That might provide some suggestions for you.



    invisible officer

    I liked the rule suggestions. But as was stated it was a heavy affair and you had to dig a lot. The German army handbook for it gave a lot of rules how to choose the position. Ever in front of a ridge and the earth taken away so that there is no trace to be seen.

    The 60° angle limited its use. So normally more than one was in an area, the MG giving covering fire. The 2 man crew had periscopes for battlefield observation. Normally one served the MG alone and the other looked for targets.  The oven was to be used with charcoal to prevent smoke coming out of the stack.


    The Red army infantry handbook 45 has a section how to deal with them. Be carefull at ridges, there you find em.  If cannon are available mark it for them. If not :

    First blind it by destroying the periscopes with an AT rifle or mortar fire. Smoke cover was to be used if that failed. Then closing attack with a RPG 1 or captured Panzerfaust . If none available come from the side with molotow cocktail or a charge


    It was not much liked by the crews. Splinter proof it was a death trap against anything with a gun like tanks or SPG. Or even an AT gun that had a much bigger range. They got often installed at bridges. With good camo, some years ago in Poland one was found by chance, nobody had noticed it for decades. Now its in a museum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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