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    @dreadpirate – thats not what I was trying to say… my point was that there are games out there where some of the core rules don’t make sense / are ‘unbalanced’ if taken without the full rule set.

    You also have the definition what is core/basic & what is advance rules for any game system. (ps I’m nothing but a player of multiple game systems)

    Core/Basic rules can be either a simple version of the game OR it can be the common rules where everything else is built on for flavour and immersion.
    Advance rules can be either more complicated in explanation or action OR they can be the additional rules for flavour and immersion.

    So one game system might say play the basic rules as a game in its own right (40K or Bolt Action for example) but another might say play the basic game to learn the mechanics quicker so you can progress on to playing the full game (eg Infinity)

    So with that in my mind I see Outmaneuver as a basic rule because its part of the building blocks for the whole game. And I see the basic rule scenarios as a how to play progression teaching you the mechanics as you go. However as you said individuals looking at any game system come at it from a different angles so individual mileage will vary :).

    And its always good to hear how other people see things

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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