• I’m not trying to turn fight.  I’m trying to do basically what you said.

    The problem is that I am finding it difficult to get the angle I need to set up any kind of an attack run since I have to move a minimum of 5″ and can only turn 45* at the end of my move.  I’m usually outnumbered and my opponents do a good job of coming at me from multiple s…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I have only played a handful of pickup games with friends.  I’m still struggling to figure out the game mechanics.  They seem counterintuitive to me for some reason.

    I just got beaten a couple days ago by the four wildcat aces list in one game and then a swarm of something like 11 buffalos using Ram Attack in the next ga…[Read more]

  • Thanks.  We have always played with the optional open hand/open deck rule.  I guess the retention test would be relevant if you are using the standard action deck rule.

  • Are the Ace skill cards assigned to a specific Ace when chosen or can the card be played on any Ace in your squadron?  (It seems like the retention tests on most Ace skill cards would be pointless if you can only play the Ace card on one specific Ace, so I’m leaning toward being able to to play an Ace skill card on any Ace in your squadron).

  • I figured as much, but I can’t find anything anywhere in the rules where it actually says that.

  • Can someone please explain how the bombers and dive bombers fit into the squadron building rules.  I must be missing something.  What’s to keep you from playing a number of say, SBDs, limited only by the number of models you own in a 500 point game played by tournament rules?

  • That’s too bad.  Then LAP turns into Dive Away when you play it with Great Dive. It would be nice to have the option to just discard the bonus card to retain the doctrine card instead of being required to play it.

    Thanks for the answer.

  • If you play Great Dive as the bonus card in combination with LAP do you have to play the effect of Great Dive or can you choose to just become neutral and retain LAP without actually doing the Great Dive?