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    i play Finland and have bought the ot133 flamethrower tank as sold by warlord games however I’m unable to find any rules or stats for the Finnish army.

    Why release a model without rules or am I missing something ?

    can anyone enlighten me please

    many thanks


    The OT130 rules are in Ostfront …. as Soviet only…..

    However the FAQ/Errata does allow you to add it (any captured tank to any force) for no other points cost but gaining the unreliable rule (same as Finish T34s) and recommended that its kept at inexpeiranced (but for Fins I’d say inexperienced or regular is fine)

    Its basically a T26 with a small vehicle flamethrower instead of the light AT gun.

    —- As to Warlord releasing models without rules…. thats because a fair bit of the rules are not rigid in the way of say tournament games, but more framework in the way of an 80s game system.

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    Thank you Nat, I found it in the soviet book but wasn’t sure how to add it. I’m new to the game so your help is appreciated


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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