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    If I have a German squad behind a chest high wall and my opponent has a squad of Americans opposite that wall, say 5 inches away. Can my opponent move to the wall and not take his full 6 inch move and fire?

    Also with both touching the wall opposite sides does that kick of normal combat (as above) or assualt?

    How would this scenario be played correctly?

    Slyde Klewlis

    I do not have the rule book in front of me, so do not take my answer as gospel truth.

    I believe it all depends upon if the American player has announced that he is assaulting or just advancing and firing.

    The Germans may not fire at the incoming Americans before the assault phase begins because the American attackers are within 6 inches.

    In the case of an assault over an obstacle both sides attackers and defenders fight simultaneously.

    Gerry Brawley

    If you are up against the wall the unless he assaults he has to stay an inch away. You will get cover to shooting whilst he will not.

    Stuart Harrison

    Gerry is correct, p35, Units, One-Inch Gap. There is no exception for intervening terrain (ie: obstacles), so unless your obstacle is over 1″ wide this rule will prevent the second unit moving adjacent to the obstacle.


    Thanks chaps for all the help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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