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    My understanding was that a squadron is made of one type of plane. Meaning that, if a squadron has too many boom chit it breaks the engagement the second still being engaged.

    In some D-Day scenario we have only one squadron per side even when there’s several type of plane on the same side (Carpiquet Chaos for instance with Fw190 and Bf109).

    I can understand that, as it means separate boom chit potentials and can lead to quick combat breaking so balance requires to have only one squadron.

    I am wrong on the initial rule?


    From the Jan 2019 FAQ:

    Q: What represents a squadron?

    A: As a rule of thumb groups of different aircraft types (i.e. bombers and fighters, or different types of fighters) are represented as different squadrons. It’s also sensible to group together aircraft into squadrons of six or so aircraft. For organising your own scenarios, the number of aircraft will be governed by your points costs in your scenario and currently there is not a maximum number of aircraft per sqn. Historically speaking squadrons would have on average 12 aircraft but could have as many as 18 aircraft, although probably not all serviceable and some would be used for spare parts, availability of pilots was also a major factor.

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    There is no rule that X aircraft = Y sqns, or 2+ types = 2+ sqns

    Its balance, if you run them as a single sqn you might not have the correct card in your hand when you need it. But if you run them as separate sqns you have the lower boom chit threshold.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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