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    Jeff Unruh

    You have one already. Because the Brits can’t get enough? GdeArmee has one out so WG has to follow suit? Why not 1809 or 1813? By the way, GdeArmee is apparently releasing an 1813 addition. Want to chase their tails? Why not sell some Austrians with an 1809 edition? Waterloo is boring.

    Dumbfounded and perplexed!

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    Charge The Guns

    Hi Jeff.

    Isn’t there a saying “When a person is tired of Waterloo, they are tired of life!”? 😉  Well, may be not, but not only are a lot of people not bored of Waterloo, there are a whole lot of people with shiny new collections of Hundred Days Warlord Epic armies, who are no doubt looking for game ideas.  The new Hundred Days supplement is quite different to the previous Warlord Napoleonic supplements.  This one focuses on historical scenarios, throughout the campaign, and also goes through the historical orders of battle and proposes Black Powder factors for every battalion / regiment etc.

    I’ve been playing and reading about ‘Waterloo’ for decades and I think this new supplement offers something useful for old grognard like me, as well as people new to the campaign.  The OOBs are a brilliant resource, and there are several scenarios that I had never thought of playing but that look really interesting.

    Go on, Jeff, get a copy, and see if you can re-ignite your interest in the campaign that brought the period to a close.👍

    richard zamudio

    Americans are really only interested in wargaming the US Civil War whereas the British are really only interested in Waterloo. It is a matter of perspective. You can’t “fight” national trends! This statement is not based on any scientific evidence whatsoever, just an observation based on over 30 years of wargaming!


    The ‘new’ waterloo suplement is geared for the EPIC system they have released as opposed to the tired old BP v1 Ablion Triumphant book 2

    However I too would like a new BP supplement focused on Austerlitz etc…. but ( I blame the lack of clarity and bredth in British school history lessons)  UK companies all seem obsessed with 2 or 3 battles /campagins…

    come off it how much focus is there on Burma in the WW2 compared to Dunkirk or El Alamein or even Market Garden?



    For the same reason there are 5,000,000 games on Stalingrad ….


    The 100 Days supplement is one of my favorites. The first half is 18 scenarios and 4 what ifs, and the second half is the OOBs and a few new things. I have both Albion books, but I haven’t done a comparison. The background and fluff is good but YMMV depending on what you already know.

    I wouldn’t say the book is revolutionary or a must-have for all, but I would rather have it than print out the equivalent pages of scenarios and OOBs I could get online. As a product for new gamers I would strongly recommend.


    My issue is that I see no difference between Black Powder Epic Battles Waterloo and non Epic.

    Although, larger formations with more figurines, albeit with less animated poses all the posed exactly the same way; other than that, it looks like an even more cramped battlefield than the non epic version.

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