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    Andrew Cree

    After playing Scenario 4, my friend and I were left confused when it seemed that the multiple grapple rules left the attackers in a much worse situation than seemed reasonable.

    At the start of a new turn, a Brig and a Merchant were already grappled, with 11 and 28 ship points remaining respectively.
    Another Brig from the same force with 9 ship points remaining considered joining the grapple, but from what we could see this would only generate +1 to hit for initiating a grapple this turn – in fact, it would grant a larger boost to the defensive capabilities of the merchant vessel by granting +2 to hit for having more ship points remaining.

    Even interpreting the rules to allow both Brigs to add the bonus dice for having the Privateer upgrade, there was still 1 die ‘lost’ to upgrade 2 dice from 70% to 80% chance of hitting. It wasn’t considered worthwhile and the brig opted to move on.

    Q)When there are multiple ships with the Privateer rule involved in a grapple and there is a valid target (Merchantman) also involved, do all appropriate ships add their 2 bonus dice?

    Steve Burt

    We gave +2 to all privateer ships for all boarding actions – otherwise it is almost impossible for them to win.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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